International Business Computer Corporation
New technology offerings in partnership with partners in the US and Europe
IBCC Have been providing to customers fast and accurate service as always in the spirit of new and innovative creation, in connection with US and European partnering partners for new technologies.
We have been using RF Relay & HV Relay and special float sensor for over 65 years in industrial and military applications. We have been providing technical support from headquarters in the early stage of special product development.

It is located in the eastern Europe part of Lithuania. It has specialized in production of power supply, traic / SCR diode and module for military space rocket for about 50 years. At present, we are producing special wafer die mainly for the manufacture of the main industrial customers.

Guide Sensmart Tech Co.,Ltd
It specializes in the development and production of thermal infrared sensors and optical products located in Wuhan city, China, and is widely used in civil and military applications. In particular, we are mass-producing the application sensors of the next-generation autonomous vehicles and the night vision of the military for the industrial thermal image sensor equipment.
FZsonick Group
As a 130 year old multinational company located in Italy, we have developed and produced the world 's first ESS system using environmentally friendly special sodium nickel technology, it is installed and operated in over 100 countries around the world. If depletion of lead-acid and Li-ion battery is depleted in the future, it will be reborn as an energy storage system that is absolutely necessary for residential, industrial and Smart-Grid large capacity fields as a new light source as a new alternative energy storage device.
BMPower is a high-tech company which develops nd produces hydrogen fuel cell power systems for drones and robots. This is a better alternative to Li-Ion batteries, with a game-changing ability to store up to 10 times more energy at comparable weight and dimensions, drastically increasing light times of up to 12 hours (depending on the type of UAV), but, on average, not less than 2.5 hours for professional drones.
As a company located in Austin, Texas, USA, it has completed development and production of superconducting 2G HTS new material up to 1km in length. It is used in power cable products and equipment of the world's high power, low power and light weight, so it is possible to use in the development of conventional transformers, switchgear, power storage devices and next-generation high-perforated superconducting trains. It is also expected that the applications will be considerably large for countless military uses.
Electromagnetic Technologies Industries, Inc.
Located in New Jersey, USA, it specializes in military antenna equipment. It produces and supplies various kinds of products such as F_5 / 14/15/16 & C-17 of US Air Force.

Yantai Shougang Magnetic Materials Inc
We develop and process NdFeB permanent magnet materials for permanent magnets, a new material in Shandong, China, and supply products that can be applied to the most advanced industrial fields.

Aquion Energy Inc
As a company located in Pittsburgh, USA, the company developed and mass-produced Saltwater ESS products for 100% Nox-Toxic, Flammable and Explosion using AHI (Aqueous Hybrid Ion) technology, the first new material in the world Introducing new products that will replace the next-generation eco-friendly, lead acid batteries and ion batteries currently in use with safe, low-cost products.
We cooperate with KEPCO subcontracting power generation company to regenerate aged automatic control equipment and parts for export to overseas. In addition, special parts and modules are supplied in cooperation with a comprehensive US supplier in maintenance.