CEO Greetings
International Business Computer Corporation
This is IBCC President Myong Hyo KIM .

We sincerely appreciate you for visiting our homepage and I am very pleased. Since the creation of the computer for 34 years, the Zilog 8-bit computer CPU and microcomputer have been introduced for the first time in Korea since 1980. With the introduction of the AMD 16-bit CPU, it has been possible to create faster and more efficient work, To maximize efficiency and contribute to the field of office automation. In addition, with the launch of 2/3 G mobile phones, we have been leading the export to third countries by supplying RF module and memory. On the other hand, we have contributed to the localization by supplying parts related to special RF Relay, sonar, & radar, HF Radio application field for communication electronics warfare equipment related to domestic defense industry field. At the same time. In cooperation with KDN( a subsidiary of KEPCO), we have been supplying boards and products for each power control area. We will continue to do our best to serve as a leader in the electronic parts industry.
Thank you.